Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

Fashion Show @ Profitto Restaurant

Dear all...
Next we wanna share about our first fashion show on our pre event..
Jadii...fashion show ini digelar di resto profitto kawasan renon tanggal 1 juli kmaren breng acara nobar euro cup, pluncuran aquarium catwalk, and photo hunting.
Mau tau gimana serunya pre event kita?? check it out!
Aquarium Catwalk

Outfits designed by Balikyut (Dewi Estede)

Outfits designed by NassGorJu (Yonas Indrajaya)

Outfits designed by Bemore Fabulous (Febriana Dian)

Outfits designed by Snoadgrass (Vira Driti Satwika)

Outfits designed by UB Vintage (Ani)

Outfits designed by Bigy Gorjes (Ayu Damayanthi)

Outfits designed by Cocraparis (Collin Paris)

And here they are...seven young designers from BFB
(ayu, vira, dewi, dian, ani, yonas, collin)

Hey, just wait for our next fashion show with our newest collection ;)